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Welcome to the 'Tip 'O The Week' Compilation

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Ingenious Software has been sending and posting 'Tip 'O The Week' to connect with  and inform FirePro2 users about the functionality and features available to them with their FP2 software.





This communication is used to provide another resource that answers questions and gives useful advice.  FP2 'Tip 'O The Week' sets out to provide information for the following reasons:


1. To provide instructions for common tasks.


2. To illustrate the different ways to go about doing tasks (and why you may choose one  configuration over another.)


3. To highlight a little known feature of the software that is available to you.



The purpose of this compilation is to to provide a single source document that contains all of the past 'Tip 'O The Week' tutorials for more efficient referencing and searching options. We will be updating this manual regularly.



If you are looking for a specific answer, please try the searching option found at the top left of your screen. Here you can search by keyword and a list will be generated with articles that contain the word you have searched for.





Tip: A great resource for getting started is the Introduction to FP2 video