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Water Usage Report

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Water usage can be recorded in both Incident and Training records, each mod has its own Water Usage report that will show and total amounts of water usage.


Incident report

Water usage can be recorded in any incident record in the Dollar Loss tab, found on the bottom of the General tab

water usage inc1


Incident total water usage over a specified time period can be seen by entering the date period in your Incident List window and then clicking on the printer icon printer icon  on the right and selecting the Water Usage report.


water usage inc2

By default, incident water tracking is in litres but this can be changed to gallons by going to Set-up-->Custom Settings (if you don't have access to this, you may need to have your admin set it up). Click on the Incidents tab and tick the Water Usage in Gallons box.



Training report

Water Usage can also be tracked for training exercises.  To enable this, go to Set-up-->Custom Settings. Select the Meeting/Training tab and tick the Show Water Usage checkbox


Now that water usage is enabled, open up any meeting or training record. Water usage (in litres) can be found in the Custom tab of the record.

water usage train1


Similar to incidents, a water usage report can be generated for Training records by filtering down your date in the Meeting/Training list window and then clicking on the printer icon printer icon on the right and selecting Water Usage report.

water usage train2


In both Incident and Training water usage reports you have the option to include or exclude reports during that period that used no water.



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