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Vulnerable Occupancies

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Identify and Flag Vulnerable Occupancies

FP2 Saved Lists allow property records to be quickly loaded and viewed, and can be especially useful for tracking and managing sub-sets of property records, such as the Vulnerable Occupancy type.

1.In the Property List Window, use the search parameter <Building Code Class> drop-list --> Group B ‘Care and Detention.’ This isn’t the only search parameter that can be successfully used. You may also use, under the Occupancy section, ‘One Sub Group Only’ or ‘One Occupancy Type Only.’ You’ll likely do a couple of searches in this window, to identify all the Vulnerable Care properties.

For this step, try different search parameters until there’s a decent sized list displayed below, and then move on to step 2 (we’ll be coming back to this step to ensure a complete list in step 3, so don’t worry if the list seems incomplete at this stage.)

2.With the properties displayed in the list, click on the ‘Saved List Tab’ and click the ellipses button beside the editable list. Enter a name, ex., ‘Vulnerable Occupancies.’ Select all the appropriate properties displayed in the list (Ctrl click, or Shift click) and choose the ‘Add to” to save the selected properties to the saved list.

3.To ensure you have a complete list of Vulnerable Occupancy types, you can click back to the Properties tab in the List Window and ‘One Occupancy Type Only’ and under the category ‘Persons under Supervisory Care’ one by one search for all the occupancy types that should be Vulnerable Occupancy Types (or any other Occupancy filter that hasn’t been searched.) Switch back to the Saved List tab, and add any additional properties to the Vulnerable Occupancies saved list. If you’re not sure a property is already on the list, try to add it. The list won’t save multiple entries for the same property, and it’s more important not to miss a property.
4.When all the properties have been added to the list, they are available in the ‘Saved Lists’ tab and we can bring it up these records (view button) without extensive searching.



Alerts () can be created in the Property Record --> Preplan tab --> Editable list. Clicking on the ellipses will open the Pre-Plan entry window. In the ‘Special Alerts’ tab there is an editable list where alerts can be added, such as ‘Many Occupants Requiring Assistance.’ This alert will remain fixed on the top portion of the property record.

Creating custom reminders for Vulnerable Occupancies Annual Fire Drills:

In the Set-Up menu -->Custom Settings -->Properties -->Custom Fields--> “Reminder” section. 

Once a custom reminder has been set-up, it will display as an optional field in Property Records -->General tab with the given Label, and the expiry and notification period date range selected.


Tracking Annual Inspections

When tracking annual inspections, you can use the Scheduled Inspection fields on the Inspection Tab of the Property Record. Entering in a Last Inspection Date and the frequency will automatically generate a due date for the next Inspection.