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Using Inventory in Incidents, Training and Pub Ed

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Once linked, any piece of inventory listed in your Inventory records can be recorded in the Inventory Used tab of any Incident, Training, or Public Education record.


inventory used8


To make individual items accessible to Inventory Used, open up the item in your Inventory records and change the Linking Type to Incidents/Pub Ed (this also includes Training)

inventory used3


If you'd like to make an entire sub-category of items accessible eg. all Breathing Apparatus, click on the edit list icon edit list three dotsto see this list

inventory used4


Highlight the Category/Subcategory, and change the Default Linking type to Linked to Incidents/Pub Ed



Any vehicles linked to Apparatus will automatically be available and don't need to be changed. Apparatus can't be added to this tab for Incidents since they're meant to be listed in the Truck Chart, but can be added to Pub Ed and Training records.

inventory used2




Now that your items are set up, open up an Incident, Training or Pub Ed record and click on the Inventory Used tab.

Click on the add icon add icon green plus which will show a list of category and sub-categories of items that have been made available.

Double-click to add the item to your record and add any comments or cost pertaining to the item.

inventory used6


Item usage can be tracked in the Inventory mod by printing the Equipment Used report.

inventory used7