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Using a Graphic Letterhead

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Graphic Letterheads can be used with Letters to give your letters a more polished, individualized feel.


Graphic letterheads are pasted pre-made into FirePro. Your pre-made graphic can be made in a program like Paint or Photoshop and should be approx 7.5" wide at 96dpi.  The height can vary, but something between
0.5" and 2" would work best.


Something like this:

graphic letterhead1


Once you have your graphic, it needs to be copied and pasted into FP2. From a program like Paint or Photoshop it can be selected, then copied (CTRL c).

If you already have your graphic saved on your computer, another way to get it in to FP2 is to insert it in a Word document first, then select the graphic and copy (CTRL c)


Once your graphic is copied, open up FP2 and go to Set-Up-->Custom Settings then click on the Other tab and the Letters sub-tab.

Click anywhere in the blank white area of the Graphic Letterhead box and paste (CTRL v).


graphic letterhead2


Click the green checkmark to save, then open up a Personnel record to use your Graphic Letterhead.


For a tutorial on creating Letters, see Letter Template.


When creating or opening a letter, click on the Graphic Letterhead selection

graphic letterhead3


Save and print, and here's the final letter with letterhead

graphic letterhead4