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Cumulative Updates

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One of the common misconceptions with FirePro updates is that each and every update must be installed in order to update to the latest version.

Some departments will let update notifications accumulate before installing and then install them one at a time, which is generally unnecessary.

Example: a dept will have received updates for 2.062, 2.063 and 2.064 but haven't installed them.  Then they receive 2.065 and decide to install all updates one after the other.


While there's certainly no harm in doing this, it's generally unnecessary.  FP2 updates are cumulative, meaning that each FP2 update contains all the info from the previous updates.

Which means that in our example above, if a bunch of updates have accrued the person installing can skip 2.062, 2.063 and 2.064 and just install 2.065.


Of course, with every rule there are exceptions. If you've let your updates lapse and are running a much older version of FP2 please check with us before doing a huge jump between versions.


You can check which version of FP2 you're currently running by going to File-->About FirePro

About Firepro version

The number next to Library indicates which version of FP2 your database has been updated to.

(The version number shown in the About Firepro window drops the first zero after the decimal, so in the example above 2.65 indicates 2.065 is installed.)