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Training Curriculum

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If you are planning on delivering the Playbook training internally, you'll need to have some or all of the NFPA training competencies entered in the FP2 Training Curriculum as Subjects.


For your convenience, we have prepared Training Import records for FP2.  These can be found in our Curriculum Library.


Download and import the Exterior, Interior and Team Leader Components and import them into FP2.


You can also use a different NFPA Curriculum, if you already have one entered into FP2.


The Curriculum can also be more broken down - if you want to have individual JPR's set up as subjects, that is an option.


Ultimately, you want to make sure that the Subjects you have available in the Training Module line up with what you are going to teach.


Remember:  You can retire or delete entire Components or Modules, and do the same with individual Subjects.


If you have imported the FP2 version of the Playbook, your Component/Module list will look like this: