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Tracking sending/signoff of OGs

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The Operation Guidelines (OG) module has a new feature that allows you to send pdfs of selected OG’s to multiple  personnel from one window. This is used to automatically log when each person received the updated OGs and/or were signed off on the OGs.


The Updates Reminder dates for many Firefighters window will allow you to streamline sending multiple firefighters many OGs, or updating OG Signoffs for many personnel for numerous OGs.

In order to use this feature, make sure the following things are set up:

If you are using this feature to sign off many personnel for many OGs then the ‘Use Signoffs’ checkbox must be checked in Set-Up-->Custom Settings→ OG.
For this feature to be available the user sending many OGs must have the ‘OG Edit’ permission granted in User Options (Passwords) → User Information→  Modules 1.
This feature uses email to send pdfs of the OGs. Personnel email must be entered on the Personnel record→ Personal tab→  Address subtab under the ‘Correspondence’ field.
The pdf module must be purchased to send pdfs by email.  If the department does not have the pdf module, you can still email the OG name and number to the recipients.




To update the sending or signoff for a single OG (ex., an OG that was recently revised) go to the OG record window→ Personnel Signoff.

Highlight the appropriate names in the record list, right-click option and select ‘Signoff’ or ‘Send OG.’


To update OG signoffs for Personnel records (ex. new trainees, hires) go to their Personnel record→  Employment subtab→ OG  Signoffs.

Highlight the selected OG Subjects, right-click and select ‘Signoff’ or ‘Send OG.’



This data will then automatically create a log of all your OG’s for each person, which will display when they received the OG and/or when they signed off. This information is logged in the following two areas:

The OG record window→ Personnel Signoff tab:


and to respective Personnel Records→  Employment→ OG Signoffs tab:



In the OG List window, there is an option for easier data entry when dealing with multiple OGS for many personnel. With  the toolbox icon, select ‘Send/Signoff Many OGs.’


The ‘Update Reminder dates for many Firefighters’ window has three columns:  active Personnel, ‘Fire Fighters’ records to change’ column and an Operating Guidelines pick list.  Personnel are added to the ‘Fire Fighters’ records to change list, and then the OGs can be checked to be included to be sent.


The ‘Sent Date’ entered and the ‘Signoff Date’ will log the dates the OG pdfs were sent (and signed off on.)  Select save, and you will be prompted if you wish to mark personnel as having this OG sent, which will update records.