Welcome to the 'Tip 'O The Week' Compilation
General tips
Accessing FP2: Online or Offline
Adjusting Font Sizes
Attaching Officer Signatures to Reports
Backing Up Your Work
Checking Your Backups
Common Mini-Tips!
Creating a Training Database
Editable Lists (...)
Electronic Report Transmission
Export Reports
Letter Template
Maintenance: Edit Training Curriculum
Margin Problems when Printing Reports
Moving an Event to the Correct Property
Officer List Creation and Maintenance
Officer List / Personnel Records
Setting and Saving Default Search Parameters
Using a Graphic Letterhead
User Permissions
Water Usage Report
Setting up MailGun SMTP (Cloud Email Service)
The Modules
Audit Reporting
Alarm Tests
Adding Training Subjects to Certificates
Certificate Reminders
Certificate of Completion
Checklist Set-Up and Access
Email Reminders
Compensation Troubleshooting
Email Detail Payroll Record to Personnel
Daily Log
Daily Log Checklist
Daily Log Pass Ons
Daily Log Validation Options
Automating Dispatch
Hazmat Exposure
Exposures Tab
Hazmat Exposure Report
Additional Officer for Incidents
Alberta Patient Care Report
Alberta Transport Invoicing Report
BIS Date
Link Personal time to Truck Charts
Tracking Attendance for Long Incidents
Inspection 2.0 Conversion
Inspection Overview
Inspection Records
Inspection List Window
Historical Inspection Conversion
Inspection Events
Status Event
Custom Event
Contravention Event Report
Notice of Violation Event Report
Inspection Order Event
Vulnerable Occupancy Checklist Event
Inspection Checklist Event
Action Menu
Print Menu
Inspection Order Reminders
Acquiring Digital Signatures
Site Visits and Reports Issued Columns
Consumable Inventory
Depreciated Value and Replacement Cost Calculator
Inventory Organization
Inventory Item Checklist
Inventory Servicing
Linking Defect Records to Service Records
Linking Inventory to Personnel
Mass Service Schedule Update
Tracking Apparatus
Tracking Inventory in other Modules
Service Logging
Using Inventory in Incidents, Training and Pub Ed
Export files to import Inventory Data
Multiple Billing Rates for Apparatus
Billing for Firefighter Hours
Adding Assistance Report Invoices to Main Incident Invoice
Building Permits
Building Permit Reporting Guide
Tarion Export
MPAC Export
Stats Can Reports
MPMP Reports
Operational Guidelines
Tracking sending/signoff of OGs
Managing Burn Permits
Personnel Reports
Personnel Size Labels
SCBA Usage and Monitoring
Vulnerable Occupancies
Occupant Load Calculator
Updating Properties
Mapping out your Route
Suffix Change
Adding New Subjects
Attaching OGs to Training Records
Import Training Subjects
Subject Search Update
Implementing the Playbook
Personnel Groups
Training Curriculum
Set up Certificates
Start Certificate Records
Configure Reminders
Incident Webform
FireSmart Assessment
FireSmart Assesment
User and Email Set-up
Completing and Submitting Assessment
Importing Fire Smart Assessment into FP2
Searching For FireSmart Assesments attached to a Property
FireSmart Assessment Reports
Pre plans
Pre Plan List Window

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