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Tarion Export

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The Tarion Export is run manually from the Building Permit List window report menu.




You will then be required to select a Date Range



Permits with an Issued Date that falls within the selected date range AND a value > 0 in the # of Dwellings Added field will be included in the Tarion Export.


The Export creates a XLS file which can be sent directly to Tarion.



1. Building Permit #

FP2 field: Permit Number


2. Permit Issue Date

FP2 field: Issued Date


3. Project Building # and Street Name

FP2 field: Street #/Street Name from attached Property Address


4. Project Municipality

FP2 Field: Town or Township from attached Property Address


5. Applicant Last Name

FP2 Field: Applicant Contact Last Name


6. Applicant First Name

FP2 Field: Applicant Contact First name


7. Applicant Corporation or Partnership

FP2 Field: Applicant Contact Business Name


8. Applicant Street Address

FP2 Field: Applicant Address fields


9. Applicant Municipality

FP2 Field: Applicant City


10. Applicant Province

FP2 Field: Applicant Province.


11. Tarion New Home

FP2 Field: Tarion New Home checkbox.


12. Tarion Registration Required

FP2 Field: Automatic if Tarion New Home is selected.


13. Tarion Registration Number

FP2 Field: Home Warranty #


14. Declaration Application Name

FP2 Field: Applicant Name