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Suffix Change

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Some departments will run into the issue of their suffix list not matching dispatch (CAD Import) . If dispatch is using ST and the department is using STREET, this can cause properties not to be linked even though the department has the address in their Property list. The other issue with not having standardized suffix list is the potential for duplicate property records.

The easiest fix is the match the way dispatch sends the suffixes to your system.

here is how you change your suffix list;

Properties module -> Search for a Property -> Click on any Property Record

Edit Street List

Red Tool Box -> Change Suffixes

Load All Suffixes

Scroll down the list till you find the one you want to change. In the To column add the new suffix you want it changed to. A window will populate telling you how many street names were changed, click OK.

After all this is done exit out of street names, another window will prompt asking if you are sure about the changes you made, there is an option to say Yes to all if you have more than just one.

After fixing the changes within the Property Module we will head back over to the Incidents module to retry linking the properties we just changed.  Again click the handy Red Tool Box -> Open Unlinked Incidents List . Once in the Unlinked Incidents List Red Tool Box -> Try Property linking again.

A window will then populate telling you how many properties have been found.

Note: Set the Unlinked Incidents List to open automatically when opening FP2. This will help keep track of any incidents not being linked automatically.

Preferences -> Check Box -> Unlinked Incidents List check box