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Setting and Saving Default Search Parameters

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A common question that comes up is, "How do I change the default date range in a list window?"


Setting up search defaults is handy and a time saver for your mod list windows. If there's a common date range you always switch to when opening up a mod list window (eg. This Month, This Year, This Week) it's a simple thing to set that as your default so that date range displays automatically any time you open that mod window.

You can set a default for any of your mod list windows, whether it's Incidents, Training, Inspections etc.


For example, let's say you want to change your Training list window to show any training from this year whenever you start it up.

1) Open up your Training mod and set your date range to This Year

setting default date range1


2) Click on the green plus button next to the list search to create a new list search and type in a name eg. This Year.
Click on the green checkmark to save.

setting default date range2


3) Right-click anywhere in the green area and select Set Default Search

setting default date range3


With that done, when next you open your training mod the window will automatically show all training records from the current year.


You can also use this procedure  to create any number of lists you commonly need to see without setting them to default.
For instance, you can create a list search for incidents falling within a certain date range that have a specific response type responded to by a specific station and give that list a name. Then, at a later date if you need to use that search just click on the list search droplist and select your search from the list to automatically shown incidents that fall within the parameters you set.


Setting Global Default Search

Global searches can be set to save default search parameters to all user accounts.

To set a Global Search as default for all FP2 users, open up a list window like Incidents.  Follow steps 1 and 2 above and then right-click anywhere in the green area and select Set Global Default Search. This will set the default search for anyone using Incidents to match what you've set up.



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