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Set up Certificates

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Once you have the Training Curriculum set up, you'll need to build several Certificates in FP2 that support the Playbook Requirements.


Go to the Maintenance-->Certificates Menu option.  Click on the Green Down arrow (Import/Export Button) on the right, and select "Import".  Select the "Exterior Certificates" file from the FP2 Playbook Library.


That will import 4 Certificates:


Dangerous Goods/ Hazmat Awareness.


Gas & Electrical Safety for Firefighters.


ISC 100.


External Operations.



Many departments are also adding a Flagging or "Emergency Scene Traffic Control" Certificate as well.




The Certificates then need to be connected to the Pre-Exterior Group, and potentially set up regular re-certification.  Select each Certificate




Setting Re-Certification to 12 will require that the Certificate be re-certified annually.



You may elect not to set Re Certification for some Certificates if they do not need to be regularly renewed.


Setting Include on Hours Worked will apply hours spend on this Certification to Hours Worked reports for determining hours for Federal Tax Credits.


Setting Mandatory for the Pre-Exterior Group will ensure that all members of the Pre-Exterior Group must complete the Certification.



External Operations


The External Operations Certificate needs to be set up slightly differently.  Certificates in FP2 can be linked to training curriculum Subjects so that the software can monitor progression through the curriculum in the Training Module.


On the External Operations Certificate, open the Subjects Tab, press the green + button (Add)



Highlight the Exterior Operations Component, then hit "Add Subjects" at the bottom:




All of the Subjects from the Exterior Operations Component will now be required to complete the External Operations Certificated, and can be signed off in the Training Module.


Note: Using the FP2 Components is not required.  If you prefer, you can substitute Subjects from an existing NFPA Curriculum, or use a more detailed JPR Curriculum you create yourself.


Repeat this process for Interior Operations and optionally Team Leader Certifications.  Adding the Curriculum component to each Certification via the Subjects Tab.


You should finish the process with 2 or 3 Certificates that have the corresponding subjects attached.