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Service Logging

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We’ve recently added some great features that make tracking and performing inventory servicing much more convenient.  The integration between Inventory, Custom Checklists and Defect records creates an integrated workflow that you can do right from your workbench!

Using these features together allows you to:

Locate inventory items by Code, Search or using a scanner.
Identify Service Types being performed (with notifications of other Service due).
Automatically get a Service Checklist to fill out.
Create Inventory Defects or Retire items directly from the Checklist.

Let’s take a look at how that all works:

Inventory Service Scanning

The Scanning Module is designed to run on a Windows laptop or tablet right on your workbench.  If you want, use a USB or Wireless barcode scanner to speed up the process.

Identify the item by typing in the Code/ID or by scanning the item:

All Service Types will be displayed.   Overdue Service is highlighted in red.

Clicking on one of the Service Types brings up the Service Checklist:

As you log the results of each checklist item, you can click on the “Create Defects” button to automatically populate an FP2 Defect Record.

Finish and save the Defect and Checklist, and FP2 displays the Service Confirmation:

Click on the checkbox to confirm that the Service was completed.

You can also tick off the Retire Item box if the item has been removed from Service and retired.

Then the module resets, ready for the next item!