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SCBA Usage and Monitoring

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Tracking who uses an SCBA, how often they wear it, and the duration of SCBA use can be helpful for a Chief or Training officer.  FP2 SCBA Usage tracking lets you log SCBA use, run reports on each member’s usage and even get reminders if members go too long without wearing an SCBA.


To turn on SCBA Usage Tracking, go to Setup --> Custom Settings --> Personnel Tab-->Settings Sub-Tab: and check the ‘Monitor SCBA’ tickbox.



Also note the ‘Reminders’ tab, where reminders for SCBA are set.  If the reminder is kept at 0, no reminders will be generated. In this example, I’ve set the reminder for 90 days.  If personnel (that are being tracked for SCBA usage) have not used SCBA in 90 days a reminder will be generated for them. Save and close the settings.


Next, decide which members you want to turn on SCBA Monitoring for. Open the appropriate Personnel record and select the ‘Custom’ tab.  Check ‘Monitor SCBA’, save the record and close it.


Personnel who have enabled SCBA monitoring in their Personnel record will now have the option to track it in Training, Incidents and Daily Log records.


To Track SCBA Usage in a  Training Session, create a new session or edit an old one.  When you add the personnel  in the ‘Personnel in Attendance’ list, personnel who are being monitored for SCBA use will have the SCBA drop down available to note how the SCBA was used (in Hazard or not), the number of breathing packs/air bottles used, and the pack number.


The system works the same way for Incidents – personnel who are being monitored can have the information logged in the personnel tab of an Incident.


SCBA Reporting is available through the Personnel List window (or for individual firefighters in their Personnel record), with the reports: All SCBA Use (prints out the dates and events the SCBA equipment was used by a particular firefighter, as well as how many bottles were used) and Recent SCBA Use (Prints the firefighter’s name and date of SCBA usage only).