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Reminders Settings

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The Reminders Module is available to most FP2 clients.  This module displays reminders that are generated from a variety of different modules, and is a great tool to keep on top of all areas of your department.  Whether its required servicing for equipment or training for personnel, using the Reminders Module will notify you in advance of the due dates.  The reminders will display in the 'Reminders List Window' for quick review of all aspects of the department.


There are a couple of settings which will help you use the Reminders Module efficiently.  Each User can select which reminders are displayed in their 'Reminders List Window', allowing you to focus on the reminders which directly apply to them.  There is also a custom setting which allows you to set 'Notice Dates' for common recurring reminders such as drivers license expiry, years of service reminders and also invoice reminders if you have the Invoices Module.




You can set the startup menu so that the 'Reminders List Window' appears when you log onto FP2. This is located in File --> Preferences --> Startup Tab.  Just select the "Reminders' checkbox.


Each User can also select which Reminders they wish to have displayed in their 'Reminders List Window'.   This setting is located in File --> Preferences --> Reminders Tab.




Users will only be able to view Reminders for the modules they have permission to view.  These permissions are granted by the 'Administrator' in Set-Up --> User Options (Passwords).


You also can set a 'Default Snooze amount' to 'Snooze' reminders you want to deal with later.  Using the default presets the new notice date which appears when you select the 'Snooze' option.  You also have the choice to manually change this to a different date if required.  To 'Snooze' a reminder, right click on the selected reminder and choose the 'Snooze' option.


Notice/Due Dates


The two critical fields with the Reminders are the 'Notice Date' and the 'Due Date'.  The 'Due Date' is the date on which the reminder is actually due.  This could be the date a drivers license expires or the date of a Years of Service award.


You can set standard notice periods for different reminders through Set-Up --> Custom Settings --> Reminder Intervals.  Setting a 1 month reminder interval for drivers license expiry ensures that the Reminders Module will automatically display the reminder one month before the license actually expires.  For events which may require more lead time such as Years of Service awards, you can set the reminder interval for a period of 4 or 6 months.


Setting the 'Reminder Intervals' ensures that you have enough lead time to prepare for the 'Due Date'.  You certainly wouldn't want to get the reminder that your drivers license was expiring on the day it expires!




Note: When you 'Snooze' a reminder, you are changing the 'Notice Date' only.  Information on reminders which have been 'Snoozed' appears in the History section of the 'Status History Report'.



These simple tips will help you get the most out of the Reminders Module in FP2.