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Pre Plan List Window

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FP2 now contains a Pre-Plans List window located in the Stock section of the Home page.


The Pre-Plans List window works very similarly to other list windows in FP2.

The Pre-Plan list window will allow to have a a better view of your Pre-Plans, narrow down search perimeters, and have overall better organization.

The data in the list window is pulled from the Pre-Plan report window.


Pre-Plan list window search perimeters:

Search in the <Property Address Search Text> for a specific address.


Options to search for

Unreviewed - Any Pre-Plans that have not been reviewed
Reviewed - Will give you all the reviewed and the names of the reviewer.


Drop down lists:

Pre-Plan Type (Which is your Custom Pre Plan title)
Reviewed By - This will show you a list of the Rev that have reviewed a Pre-Plan.
Approved By - This is the list of Approving Property Officers.

These search perimeters will help you determine when a Pre-Plan was last reviewed and when it should be reviewed again,

the ability to search for Approved / Un-Approved Pre-Plans and to search by Pre-Plan Types.


In addition your department now has the ability to have multiple "Custom Pre Plan Types" on a Property record.

Note: The Pre Plan Type will be an edible list you can customize for your department "types" of Custom Pre Plans (Example Fire Safety Plan)

This will all flow into the Project to add Pre Plans to our Webform later in the year. Making all your Pre Plans readily accessible in a web based format.