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Personnel Reports

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There are many reports available in FP2 relating to personnel time and activities. Compensation and tracking hours of members is a critical function of FP2 and can substantially reduce administrative time for each department.


Data collected within FP2 is available in a variety of different reports.  Choosing the focus of the report will provide a different break out of the data.  For example, if I choose to generate a report on a particular incident, I will get a list of all the firefighters who attended the incident. However, if I generate a report on a specific firefighter, I will get a list of all the incidents that that firefighter has attended. if you want to see attendance at an incident, the report would be generated in the Incident Module.  However, if you want to see attendance at an incident by firefighter, the report would be generated in the Personnel Module.


Detailed reports relating to each individual member of your department are available in the Personnel Module. In this tip we will focus on three main reports: Hours Worked/Hours Worked Details; Incident Detail by Firefighter and Incident & Training Summary. Knowing what outcome you are looking for helps to steer you in the right direction to generate the report that you want.


To obtain a report listing all personnel hours by member relating to incidents, training, etc., you open the Personnel Module. Once the Personnel Module is open you will see a list of icons on the right hand side of the screen.  Selecting the print icon provides you with a list of reports available in the Personnel Module.




The following is a brief description of the reports, suggestions for using the reports and examples of the the reports.  A review of the features of these reports will allow you to choose which report(s) will work best for your department.


Hours Worked/Hours Work Details Report


The Hours Worked/Hours Worked Details report will provide you with a summary of total hours by member for certain activities and date ranges. You can set the parameters for the report by choosing the date range and the type of activity you wish to have included.  This report allows you to quickly and easily generate monthly, quarterly or annual reports which summarize your member's hours.  There may also be times when you require more detail than just the hourly totals.  By choosing the Hours Worked Details report from the list of reports, you will generate a report which supplies you with all the back up details of the hours.  Back up details include descriptions of training, certificates and meetings and a listing of all incidents attended by each member.




The Hours Worked/Hours Worked Details reports are specifically designed to calculate hours for the Federal Tax Credit but are also useful for providing a detailed true-time breakdown of attendance.


Incidents by Firefighter Report


The Incident Details by Firefighter report provides you with the actual total time for each firefighter by incident.  This report can be extremely helpful in calculating paid call outs as the time per incident is fully detailed with time broken out in minutes.  The Incidents by Firefighter report also indicates all incidents where the member was not at the scene, as well as the times when a member or incident was flagged as "Do not pay".



If you use the Compensation Module (contact us if you would like additional information on this module at, you can use this report to audit the calculated payroll time by using the time in the Incidents by Firefighter report to manually calculate the time to include minimum call outs and compare with the automatically calculated time generated by the Compensation Module.


You can also use the report as a payroll verification report by distributing the Hours Worked Details report in advance of running payroll so members can verify all their hours or you can use the report as a supplement to payroll to provide full details of each incident to each member. Just remember that the Hours Worked Details report will be actual time logged while the payroll will reflect the rounded/calculated compensation rates for your department.


Training and Incident <Units> Summary


The Training and Incident <Units> Summary report provides not only the actual time per incident but also includes all training, meeting and work party time.  Please note that this report can be renamed in the Custom Settings-->Meeting/Training Tab-->Attendees tab so the name in the report could vary from department to department.



This report can be very useful in budgeting compensation as all activity hours are included. Another use for the Training and Incident Summary would be for supplying member's time to an outside payroll department making payroll reporting quick and easy.


This tip covers some of the more commonly used reports in the Personnel Module.  A quick review of the reports available (using the print icon in the Personnel Module) will allow you to take advantage of other reports available, such as training, driving and attendance by %.