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Personnel Groups

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In FP2, Personnel Groups can be used to identify operational groups within the Department that a Firefighter belongs to.  Groups can also have specific training requirements (Certificates) assigned to them.


Since a Firefighter must complete the training Competencies in order to operate in a given Role, we recommend setting up a pair of Personnel Groups for each Role - a Pre-Role group, indicating that the Firefighter is training for the Role, and a group to indicate that the member has completed to Competencies and is performing the Role.


To set up Personnel Groups, open any FP2 Personnel record, go to the Employment Tab, and click on the Edit List button in the top-right of the "Groups" box on the right-hand side:




In the Groups list, we recommend you set up a structure similar to this:




These Roles will allow you to identify the current Roles for each member, and to filter for specific Roles.



Generally, Team Leader and Risk Management level training will not be delivered in-house, so the Groups are used only to track if the member has achieved the certification.