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Officer List in Personnel Records

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Recent changes to the Officer List make it easier to access and use!


In addition to being accessible through Set-up-->Officer List, your Officer List settings are now also available through a FF's personnel record.

So if you're doing something like adding new personnel you can now set up their Officer List at the same time you're entering their other information.


The Officer list can be found by opening a personnel record and going to the Employment/Officer tab.

officer list personnel



Here you can check off which officer lists you'd like this FF's name to appear on as well as entering contact information and digital signature to appear on certain reports.


The Officer List is still accessible through Set-Up-->Officer List. If you're setting up officer list settings for multiple officers or for non-staff this is still the most accessible way to do this as you can see all your settings in one place


Any changes made to the Officer list in one section of FP2 will be reflected in the other.



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