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Officer List Creation and Maintenance

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The Officer List manages which personnel show up as available for personnel droplists, for instance which names appear on the Officer in Charge droplist of an incident record, or as an Assigned Inspector for an inspection.


officer list1



To set up your Officer List, go to Set-Up-->Officer List and click on the add icon green plus icon to add a listing.

If you already have a personnel record for the person you're adding, select their name from the Linked To droplist and FP2 will automatically fill in the Display Name As field.

A personnel record is not required, and if you don't have a personnel record for the person you can just type in their name.

Select from the Station droplist to choose which station's records you'd like their name to appear on. Any Station can be selected if you'd like them to be available for all stations.


Here you can also add a signature to appear on some printed reports. For complete instructions on Officer Signatures, see Attaching Officer Signatures to Reports


officer list2


Tick the boxes of all Active Types for which you'd like the personnel to be available.

In the above example Ron Swanson is will be available as Inspection Issuer, Incident Officer and Training Officer.


officer list4





Deleting Officers

Deleting officer listings will result in unexpected changes to your past records, so any inactive officer listings should be "retired".

Likewise with renaming officer listings.  In cases where personnel are leaving the department and new personnel are taking over their duties, it may seem like a time saver to simply rename the officer listing to the new person's name. However, simply renaming the listing will also change the name on all past records to which the outgoing person was assigned, so it's better for record keeping purposes to retire the outgoing officer listing and create a new listing for the incoming personnel.


To "retire" a listing, just untick ALL of the Officer Type boxes and save and the listing will automatically moved off the active list.

The listing will still be viewable in the Retired Only list. If the officer returns to active status, simply retick the applicable checkboxes to have the listing return to the Active list.


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