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Mass Service Schedule Update

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Updating your service records for inventory items one at a time can be a painstaking process, especially if you've serviced a large number of items.

FP2 has a built-in function to speed up the process of marking a number of items as serviced on a particular date.


To learn about setting up setting up service schedules, see Inventory Servicing


Open up the Inventory mod and click on the Action Menu icon in the upper left section of the list window.

Choose Update Service Information for Many Inventory Items.


mass service scheuld update1



Choose your category and sub-category to see your available items, then select the ones you'd like to update and click Add to List

mass service scheuld update2


Highlight the service you'd like to update from the Service Schedule list and then enter the date they were all serviced in the Last Serviced field.

mass service scheuld update3


FP2 will show the next scheduled service date based on the number of months you entered when originally setting up the Service Schedule.


Click on the Add Service Records checkbox to add specific info like cost, the personnel who serviced the item, and any notes you'd like included. When saved, this info will flow into individual inventory item records.