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Margin Problems when Printing Reports

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A fairly common issue that comes up is text getting cut off on printed reports, which is usually caused by improperly set margins.


margins 1

As shown above on the right hand side of the burn permit badly set margins can cause text to get cut off.


If you're experiencing this problem or a similar one, margins are usually the culprit.


Margins can be adjusted in a few places - the first place to check is under
File-->Preferences-->Report Preferences

Ideal margins vary slightly from printer to printer, but a good place to start is a top margin of 0.25, left margin of 0.25, and a bottom margin of 0.5. If your margins are set higher than that, they may be pushing the text to be cut off when printing.

margins 2


Once you've adjusted and saved your new margins, you can test your new them by printing your report to Preview, which will show you a simulated print without any unnecessary waste of paper while you're getting your margins right. This can be selected from the Print Preferences popup window.

margins 3


If your text is still getting cut off there's another place to adjust margins.

When you print your report and the Print Preferences window pops up, click on the Change Header button on the bottom left

margins 4


This brings up the Report Header Set-up, which, among other things, can be set to add to the margin  set up in File-->Preferences.

margins 5

Any additional margin may be causing the text to get cut off. In the example above, this report is printing with a total margin of 0.75" for both the left and top, which could be causing the right hand side or bottom of the report to be getting cut off. Setting the number to zero will print the report with just the margins set from File-->Preferences.


After adjusting the additional margin select 1) to use your new margin setting just once, 2) to always use your new margins for this kind of report, or 3) to revert to the default settings for this report.

Note: this same Report Header Set-up can be accessed from
File-->Report Page Set-up-->Report Header Set-up