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Mapping out your Route

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FirePro's latest addition, the Route button, shows the route between your station and a chosen property using Google maps.


route mapping1


To see your route, simply open up a property and click on the Route button, which will open up your web browser and display the route, a list of directions, distance, and estimated drive time.


route mapping2


If clicking the Route button doesn’t bring up Google Maps, it’s likely that all your address information is not complete for that property. Double-check that you have the house number, street name, and town entered and that you have a station assigned to that property.


If the Route button still isn’t displaying your route, check that you have the address for your station entered.

If your area has only one station, the address info can be entered by going to Set-UpàSystem Information



If your area has more than one station, enter the addresses for your stations by going to Set-UpàStation Names

route mapping3


Once your addresses are entered, your routes can be seen with just the click of a button!