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Linking Defect Records to Service Records

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Managing inventory is a large function of your FP2 program.  The Inventory Module tracks inventory items, servicing of inventory, location of inventory, personnel assigned to inventory, Incident Usage of Inventory and even invoicing of inventory.


A recent change in the Inventory Module now allows clients to link Defects to the Service Records for individual pieces of equipment. It automatically creates a Service Record when a Defect Record is closed.


The Defects link is activated by selecting Set Up Menu -->  Custom Settings -->  Inventory Tab.  The following screen will appear:



By clicking on the radio button 'Create Service Records from Defects', you enable the link between Defects and Service Records.

When you create a new Inventory Defect (Inventory --> select item --> Defects --> ), the fields which are outlined in red below will automatically be entered in the Service Records when the defect is closed.



When you look in the corresponding Service Records (Inventory --> select item --> Service Records), you will see that the closed defect is listed in the Service Records.  The data from the highlighted fields has been transferred to the Service Records.



Clicking on Defect at the bottom of the screen will take you to the Defect record which has full details.




By enabling this link, you will reduce the data entry required as the information only needs to be entered once.  The automatic link also will ensure that the Service Records are complete records including both scheduled and defect servicing.  This will provide your department with an accurate total cost for servicing of the equipment as it automatically includes the expenses from the Defect record.  This information will allow for more accurate budgeting and provides actual maintenance costs to consider when purchasing new equipment.