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Link Personal Time to Truck Charts

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This tool links Truck Chart/Apparatus times in an Incident to the Personal assigned to the truck at the time of the incident. This can provide more accurate times for your Firefighters and cut down on data entry.

To set up this option you want to make sure you have access to the Set-Up menu located on the top of left in FP2 then Custom Settings.

Note: If you don’t have access to the Set-Up menu this is due to User Permissions (Passwords).

Once you are in Custom Settings go to Incidents à Personal à and click Link Personal times to Truck Chart.

Once this is complete, enter your truck times/or Import from CAD  and link personal to the vehicle they were on at the time of the call.

Note: you can highlight multiple firefighters at once and assign them to a truck/apparatus:

SHIFT + select using arrows or your mouse à right click on your mouse à Assign to Apparatus


CNTL + Click on the firefighters you want selected à right click on your mouse à Assign to Apparatus

Then select the Apparatus from the drop down list then click OK.

All Personal you assigned to the apparatus have the same time as the Apparatus Assigned.

Note: Following the same steps you are also able to flag multiple Personal Not at Scene at the same time.