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Letter Template

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Using the FP2 Letter Template can simplify sending out regular correspondence.  This function can be used in the Property, Inspection  and Personnel Modules.


This function allows you to quickly and easily send out standard letters regarding personnel, inspection or property matters.  Using a template allows you to pre-format any letter you want to send.  The 'Letter Template' is available to be reused as frequently as you wish.  This works well for any letters that need to be sent out on an annual (monthly) basis or letters that are sent frequently.  A copy of the letter will always be available in the record for reference.  If you have the PDF and E-Mail Module, you can use this feature to e-mail correspondence.


This feature can save you time, keep the correspondence accessible and streamline your department's operations.


The first step is to design your template.  For a template relating to a property, open the Property Module.  Select any property to create the template.  Open the 'Links' tab and the 'Letter' sub-tab.  Create a template using the  'Add New Record' button.


Select the 'Editable List' function , then "Add New Record' to create the new template.



Give your new template a 'Template Title'.  For my example I have used Annual Inspection.  On the right hand of the screen is a menu of fields that can be added to your template.  To move a field to the template click the location in the letter you wish to add the field and simply double click on the field.  You want to ensure that the field is where you want it to print on the letter and that you have added any appropriate spacing or punctuation.


In the following example I have added a space between <<Owner First Name>> and <<Owner Last Name>> and have added a comma and space between <<Owner City>> and <<Owner Prov>>.  You can also insert a field into the body of your message.  I have added <<Street Address>> in the first paragraph.  Save your template by clicking the 'Save Changes' button on the action bar.


Here is what my completed template looks like.  Now when I open the template in a record, information to fill the field's will be pulled from this record and automatically inserted into my letter.



Now that you have your template completed it can be used to generate letters for any property.  To generate the letter from the template, open the property record window you wish to send the letter to and select 'Links'.  Use the 'Add New Record' to open the 'Letter Entry' screen.  Select your template from the drop down menu, select the type of letterhead you wish to use and click the 'Save Changes' icon in the action bar.  Letterheads are created through Set-Up --> Custom Settings --> Other --> Letters.  


Your letter is ready to print!




Just a word of caution - if any of the information for a field has not been entered in the record, these fields will appear as blanks on your letter.  As you can see in the above example, there was no information for the 'Owner Street Address 2' field and no postal code information in the property record so these printed as blank lines.


Following the same steps in either the Inspection or Personnel Modules allows you to set up Letter Templates using the information fields available  through those modules.