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Inspection Records

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The new Inspection Master File contains overall information about the inspection, like Date, Inspection Number, Reason (editable list), Current Status (editable list), and Assigned Inspector.


The information on the file represents the current state of the inspection from an administration perspective. The Events Record List will display changes made to these fields (the information here doesn't print on reports, so it can be edited.)


Most events will be manually added to the ‘Events’ Tab record list with the green + button, and then selected with the Events drop-list. Double-clicking on the event will open the event.


Please refer to Part 3: Inspection Events for more detailed information on Inspection Events.


Inspection Record Fields:

Date: primary search date for the inspection, used on the Inspection List window “inspections” tab.

Assigned Inspector: the currently assigned inspector.  Each Inspection report can have a different assigned inspector if necessary, based on who did the actual inspection, as can Custom Events.  Changing the assigned inspector will create a Status Event.

Inspection number: the primary file number of the Inspection.  Each Inspection Report event also receives a Report number which is generated from the main Inspection number.

You can search by Inspection number on the Inspection List window Inspection tab and by Inspection Report number on the “Events” tab.

Reason: the current reason for the inspection.  It is used on the Inspection List window for searching.  It is not usually changed, but does trigger a Status Event entry if it is.

Status: the current overall status of the inspection.  It is expected to be changed as the inspection progresses.  Changing the status will automatically populate the new status date, but that can be adjusted manually.  Changing the status always creates a Status Event.

Status is displayed/searched for on the Inspection tab of the Inspection List window.

Individual Inspection Reports no longer have a status, they have 2 states: Not issued (editable and considered to be ongoing) or Issued.  Issued reports are locked by default and can only be changed by users with Officer Status or administration passwords.

Total duration is now calculated from the time fields in individual Inspection reports/events.



The Contacts tab holds the Master List of Contact Records for the inspection (automatically moving the Owner, and Occupant over from the Property module.) These contacts will be available to be checked off as the Recipients of Inspection Reports. Recipients information on report events will include Name, Business Name and contact information.



The Main Inspection and all Inspection Events have Standard Links Tab.