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Inspection Order Event

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There are four types of Inspection Orders: Inspection Order, Order to Close,  Immediate Threat to Life, and  Electrical Inspection Order.  Each of these Orders are available as Inspection Events which can be added to the main Inspection file.

The Order to Close, Immediate Threat to Life and Electrical Inspection Orders are unchanged from the previous Inspection version.


Inspection Order:

All information previously entered in the Order Tab and the Contraventions tab have been imported into the Inspection Order Report event.

Contravention and Reason information has been moved to text fields in the Appendix A or Appendix B sections of the Inspection Order Report                                    


The main Inspection Order record is very similar to the previous Inspection Order tab, with a few minor changes:

Main Inspection Order Information


The Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory and Rescinded flags now allow you to print a “Compliance Report” using settings from the Set-up-->Special Wording on Reports-->Inspection Order Wording-->Compliance Wording tab.


Inspection Order Appendices:

There has been considerable confusion regarding how the Inspection Order Appendices are populated from FP2.  As a result, we have removed the automated system and replaced the Reason List and Contravention tab with an Appendix A and Appendix B tab.


We have also added a Description of Property field which will print on Appendix A if it is populated.