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Billing for Firefighter Hours

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This feature allows you to include personnel hours on an incident invoice.


Before creating your invoice, first you’ll need to go to Set-Up--> Custom Settings--> Accounting--> Invoice.


Check the box for Import Personnel Hours from Incidents.



While there you can also set how your personnel times are calculated.  Check the Round Times box to round times up, or leave it unchecked to bill for precise personnel hours. The billing rates are based on the hourly rates of the personnel set up in the Department Ranks window (Set-Up-->Department Ranks).


Once that’s done and saved, you’re ready to create your invoice.
Open up or create the incident you’d like to invoice for, making sure you have your personnel times entered. This is where the firefighter hours are pulled from for the invoice.


To create an invoice, go to the Invoice tab and hit the green plus icon to add. Firefighter hours can be seen in the Other Charges tab. Attendees are tabulated based on rank and number of hours spent at an incident.



eg. in the above example "FireFighter 4 units" could indicate that 4 firefighters were present for 1 hour, or 2 firefighters were present for 2 hours each. Only ranks that have rates applied will appear. Any attendees marked with a checked "No Pay" in the Incident Personnel tab will also not appear.


Rates and units are automatically calculated, but can also be manually adjusted just by clicking in the text field and changing the number.