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Importing and attaching FireSmart Assesments in FP2

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Importing Fire Smart Assessment into FP2

Import FireSmart Assessments, go into the Property List window. Click the Red Tool box Action menu, and click Import FireSmart Assessments. 


This window will appear telling you how many FireSmart Assesments were imported and if they are attached to a Property.


If you select yes it will take you right to the assessment and you can view and move the assessment to appropriate address.

If you select NO you are still able to find the assessment by following the next steps.


If the FireSmart is not attached to a Property when you submit it from WebForm, it will move the assessment to “Non Property holding FireSmart Assessment records that could not be linked to other properties”.  This can be found in the Property List window under the Non-Property tab.


This is the holding place for all assessments not attached to a property.


You will have the ability to move it to a Property if needed.

To move an assessment over to a property you must first get the Assessment Number. This is located on the FireSmart record under the Red tool Box Action menu.


Once you click on this a screen will pop up telling you the assessment number.


When you have the assessment number, go to the property you want to move the assessment.


Click on the Red Toolbox -> Move a FireSmart Assessment record to this property.


You will click yes if you’ve made a note of the assessment number and enter it in the screen below.

Double check this is the right address you want to move the assessment to and click YES.


Fire Smart Assesments Pulled into FP2

This what an assessment looks like once it is pulled into Firepro.

You are able to edit any information within Firepro.


Note: As mentioned above there are slight differences in the report generated from WebForm vs FP2.

Report generated from FP2

Report from Webform