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Import Training Subjects

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We have an array of Training subject lists available for FP2 users.  All of these lists were created by users of FP2 whom have chosen to share curriculums or other broadly applicable information with other departments. We, at FP2, do not maintain subject lists since many departments follow different guidelines on what to instruct and when.


Remember to backup your database before importing!


The FP2 Online Library provides access to available subjects’ lists:



You can preview lists by viewing the PDF files before importing the subject lists.



There are two types of files.

The PDF files will show you what the subject lists include. You can preview lists by viewing the PDFs.
The ODT files are what FP2 can import. If you find a training list that suits your department you can download and import the ODT file into your Firepro.


Download & Save the ODT file in an easily accessed location. Open Firepro.


To import:

1. Click Maintenance -> Edit Training Subjects -> Components

There is a downward pointing arrow on the right of the list.  Click this and select Import.


2.Locate and select each ODT files that was downloaded.  This will bring in the single component and its entire under-structure with it; all modules and subjects included in this component will be brought into the software.
3.These do not appear in the list immediately but did import.  You now need to save and close this Training Components window and reopen it to see the subjects show up.