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Implementing the Playbook

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The BC Playbook for Fire Department training was implemented in 2014 and is currently being deployed in many Fire Departments in BC.


This Guide will assist you in configuring FP2 to support implementation and reporting of the BC Playbook Service Levels.  Currently, the pre-built FP2 resources support documentation of Exterior Operations Level Firefighter, Interior Operations Level Firefighter, Exterior Operations Level Team Leader and Interior Operations Level Team Leader. It is possible to configure FP2 to support other Competencies, if required by your department.


In order to set up a Playbook Implementation in FP2, you'll need to determine the following things:


1) What Service Level are we training to?


Answering this question will let you know what Curriculum elements you need to have present in FP2 in order to document your training requirements.


2) Are we training primarily internally or externally?


If you are training externally, documentation can be much simpler, although setting up some of the structure will still be helpful.  Training internally means you'll probably need to use this whole guide to set up your training structure, because you'll need more detailed information about progress through each section.


Once you have determined Service Level and training type, you can start to set up the Playbook structure in FP2.


This guide will take you through the following steps:


1) Set up Personnel Groups to indicate Roles


2) Import or Adjust the FP2 Training Curriculum to meet documentation requirements.


3) Set up Certificates for Role Competencies


4) Set Certificates as Mandatory for required Roles.


5) Configure Reminders for Training/Certification Notifications.


6) Start Certificate records for in-progress Personnel


7) Review Subject Sign-Off in the Training Module.


8) Review reporting options to monitor progress.