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Historical Inspection Conversion

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The historical data entered into the old Inspections module has been converted to the new Inspections format.


Information entered on historical primary (non-follow-up) inspections has been used to populate the new master inspection files.


For primary and follow-up inspections, information entered in the Contravention tab has been converted to a Contravention Report event.


For Primary and follow-up Inspections, information entered in the Checklist tab has been converted to a Checklist Report event.


Note: This could mean that an inspection that previously had both checklist and Contravention information will now have 2 Inspection Report events.


Inspections with information in the Inspection Order tab have been treated slightly differently.  All information in the Order Tab and the Contraventions tab has been imported into an Inspection Order Report event.  We are now treating Fire Code information slightly differently, so Contravention information has been moved to text fields in the Appendix A or Appendix B sections of the Inspection Order Report.


Chronology tab records have been converted to Custom Inspection events.


Contact records from all Contacts tabs on the main and follow-up Inspections have been aggregated onto the in the main Inspection File.