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Exposure Report

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The Exposure module is used to document hazardous material and traumatic incident exposures. Fire fighters have a heightened risk of exposure to toxic chemicals, smoke, or other hazardous materials when responding to incidents.  Even with excellent training, caution, protective gear, and pre-planning- hazmat exposure can happen, and if it does, it can have detrimental health effects.  Likewise, repeated exposure to traumatic experiences can have physical and mental health impacts.

Ingenious Software felt it was important to provide an FP2 platform for departments to document and track any and all exposures, in the event that long-term health effects develop. The Exposure module is designed to promote occupational health reporting for First Responders. Information entered in Meeting/Training or Incident record where the Exposure is reported is automatically listed on the affected individual’s personnel record. This provides a historical record for personnel. These Exposure records are associated with the Personnel record and stored in the system permanently.


An example of an Exposure Report.



Exposure Records Lists

The Exposure module is an add-on that works with the Incidents, Meeting/Training and Personnel modules. This module doesn’t have its own List Window, although lists of records with Exposure records can be brought up by using the "Exposure record’ drop-list search parameters in the Details Tab.

To view a list of Exposures that occurred in Meeting/Training use the Exposure Records drop-list search parameter in the Meeting/Training List Window:



Meeting/Training List Window


To view a list of  Exposures that occurred in Incidents, go to Incidents module --> Incident List Window --> Incidents List ‘Details Tab’--> Hazmat Exposure drop-list filter. Note that any additional search parameters entered in other tabs will further filter this list.

Incident List Window --> Details List Tab


To view a list of Hazmat Exposure that affected Personnel, go to Personnel module --> Personnel List Window--> Hazmat Exposure drop-list parameter

Personnel List Window


Hazmat Exposure Entry Window:

This is a record that has to be manually created. In the Incident Record, select the Hazmat Exposure tab, and select the ‘Add’ button to open the Hazmat Exposure Window.

This is an example Hazmat Exposure report, where one firefighter came in contact with blood during the incident.

In the entry window, the ‘Date’ and ‘Location’ are pulled automatically from the Incident (or Training record) that the Exposure is attached to. The location can be edited, but the date cannot.

The ‘Type of Exposure,’ ‘Length’ (of exposure), and ‘Nature of Exposure’ are editable lists where departments can build their own options for reporting.

There are text fields for after-exposure protocol, such as any ‘Medical Treatment’ required, ‘Physician’ notes, and ‘Decontamination’ process. In the record list under the information fields, Personnel can be attached.

The personnel list is pre-populated with the names of the attending Personnel as entered in the Incident record, or Training record. The additional ‘Length of Exposure’ drop-list is used to enter a different length of exposure for each individual, if different then the main ‘Length.’


A Blank Hazmat Exposure report can be printed and filled out, and entered in FP2 later, or you can create the report directly in the Hazmat Exposure tab. This report is accessible with the Print Details Button in the Incident Record Window.

The Hazmat Exposure Summary Report: This is a Personnel List Report and is available with the

Print icon through the Personnel List Window.        


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