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General tips

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General Tips is the home for information that does not fall neatly within a module.


Such topics may include:  navigation, access, and backing up data.


We have tried to give very specific title headings for clarity and to allow for more stream-lined browsing.


Current tips include:


Backing Up Your Work

User Permissions

Editable Lists (...)

Maintenance: Edit Training Curriculum

Accessing FP2: Online or Offline

Electronic Report Transmission

Attaching Officer Signatures to Reports

Letter Template


Export Reports

Common Mini-Tips!

       Report Page Set-Up

       Removing Hung Users

Checking Your Backups

Creating a Training Database


Using a Graphic Letterhead

Maintenance: Edit Training Curriculum

Margin Problems when Printing

Moving an Event to the Correct Property

Officer List

User Permissions

Water Usage Report

Setting and Saving Default Searches