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FireSmart Assesment

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The FireSmart Webform is an online tool used to complete assessments in the field directly from your phone or tablet. Information entered in the form can be imported into an FP2 or emailed directly off your device.


If you are interested in using the FP2 Webform, please contact Ingenious Software for pricing information and login.


Here are some useful tips on navigating FireSmart Assessments


User and Email Set-up

Uploading Lists from your Firepro system, Email set-up, and logging into Webform


Completing and Submitting Assessments

Completing Firesmart assesments, emailing, and editing within FP2


Importing Fire Smart Assessments

How to import submitted WebForm Assessments into FP2

How to find FireSmart records not attached to a property and attaching them to a property record.


Searching for FireSmart Assessments

Search for Assessments attached to a Property