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Exposures Tab

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The Exposures tab is for documenting any exposure a firefighter may have undergone eg. chemical, smoke, PTSD etc.


This tab is available through both Incident records and Meeting/Training records.


To create an Exposure record, create an incident or meeting/training record, enter your usual details and save.

Once saved, you'll be able to add an Exposure record.

Click the green plus icon add icon green plus to add a record
hazmat exposure2


The Date will automatically fill from the date entered on the incident or training record.

Location will automatically be set to the record's location, but can be edited.

Type of Exposure is an editable list and can be edited to include a large number of different kinds of exposure.  If the type of exposure is not listed, click on the three dots editable list 3 dots to bring up the list of exposure types and add to it.
Length is also an editable list and can be edited or added to in the same way to include a variety of time frames (ie. 1-2 hours). This length is meant to indicate the overall length of the exposure event.

The Nature of Exposure list can also be edited to include a variety of checkboxes to suit your department's needs.

Name of Chemical/Disease/Event, Treatment, Physician/Support, Post Incident Treatment & Comments are all text fields in which you can add additional details about the exposure.

Before an Exposure report can be saved, it must be tied to personnel. Click on the green plus add icon green plus to add an FF's name to the list.

The available names list is generated from the list of personnel populating the Personnel tab.

Once saved, the exposure report will be linked to the personnel affected by the exposure and can be accessed from their personnel record as well as the incident or training record.

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