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Email Reminders

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This tip covers a useful application of the Email Module; sending automated 'Email Reminders'.  This feature ensures that 'Reminders' are distributed to the appropriate personnel.


Email Reminder Setup


Using the 'Email Reminder Setup', FP2 will automatically send selected reminders out as emails to preset recipients.  For example, you may wish to have all reminders regarding inspections emailed to the Inspector or you may wish to have all reminders concerning personnel emailed to your HR Department.  You can also automatically send training reminders to selected personnel.


First you set up a 'Template' in the Email Module. Select the 'Template' tab and click the 'Add Record' icon.


In the 'General Tab' just name your template, put in your email and name, type in a subject and your message in the body of the email.  Select Email as the type of correspondence.


email reminder1



Then select the 'Recipient Tab' and add your recipient email contact information from the 'Choose Recipients' drop down menu.


You can add a single recipient or as many as required using the 'Add Record' icon ().   You can also access 'Rolodex' and 'Contact' email addresses by making that choice in the 'Choose Recipient' menu.  Selecting manual entry opens the 'Rolodex Window' to create a 'Rolodex' entry for that recipient for future use. You also have the choice of 'One Personnel' or personnel from different groupings allowing quick and easy emailing to pre-set groups.


email reminder2



Email addresses for personnel are entered in the Personnel Module in the Correspondence section of the Personal General Tab.

email reminder3



Personnel groupings are entered in the Personnel Module in the Employment General Tab.  Once this has been set up, you can choose these personnel groups for email distribution.


Now that you have your template, go to Set-Up --> Email Reminder Settings. Click the 'Add Record' icon to set up a new Email Reminder.


Select the 'Reminder Type' from the drop down list. The drop down list will provide you with all of the reminder types available.  Choose 'Station/Department'  and the 'Squad/Shift/Platoon' (these fields can be renamed). Input the 'Begin Date' and select the template you created in the Email Template drop down list which applies to this 'Reminder Type'.  Click the 'Save Record' icon and you are all set.


email reminder4


For 'Reminders' that are for specific personnel (ie. Drivers License Expiry), you can select to have the reminder forwarded to just that personnel member.


email reminder5


If at any time you wish to stop these Email Reminders, just open the setup window, select the Email you wish to stop and hit the "delete' icon.


Note: Selecting the 'Create ICS File' checkbox allows the recipient to automatically enter the reminder onto their calendar if activated.


Sending Reminder Emails


The 'Timer Services' user must be logged in to send reminder emails. The 'Timer Services' is a FP2 user for running specific behind the screen functions.  We recommend that clients log the 'Timer Services' onto a computer and leave it running.  This user does not use a license and it will not affect the number of users you can have using FP2. The password for the 'Timer Services' login is timerservices.