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Daily Log Validation Options

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Validation Options for the Daily Log

There is a new custom setting which allows users to make some fields on the Daily Log mandatory. This will require users to fill in these fields before being able to save the Daily Log event.

Confirmation options have been added to Set-Upà Custom Settingsà Daily Log, with the ‘Validation’ field. You can select as mandatory information: the End Date & Time, Custom Number, as well as requiring at least one Personnel (in Attendance) to be attached to the Daily Log record.

Figure 1: Set-UpàCustom Settingsà Daily Log ‘Validation’


Note that the Custom Number named in ‘Text Fields’ must be titled and saved in order to be able to flag this custom field as mandatory.



Figure 2: Daily Log Recordà Custom Validation Fields

A popup message will appear if any of the mandatory fields are missing input upon saving.