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Daily Log Checklist

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Some tasks need to be completed on a regular schedule; creating a Daily Log Checklist allows us to generate a list of these routine duties. The Scheduler module will automatically assign Daily Log records for this task.  In this tutorial, we are going to create a checklist that will be used in the Daily Log Module to automate recording of recurring duties.

Figure 1:  Hall Maintenance Checklist


To set up a similar Daily Log Checklist:

1.Create Master Checklist Category, Section and Items
2.Checklist Template:  Assign to Daily Log Module
3.Use Scheduler Module to set as a  recurring Daily Log item
4.Attach the checklist to the Daily Log record


1. In the Menu Option Bar -->Maintenance-->Checklists-->Master Checklist*…

Open the Master Checklist Category- add and name “Hall Maintenance” to the list.
In the Master Checklist Sections, build the Checklist headings (ex., “Clean station facilities.”) Choose 'Hall Maintenance' from the 'Category' drop-list for the sections added.
Then, open Master List Items. Select 'Hall Maintenance' from the top drop-list.  Select the appropriate 'Section' from the drop-list of where this item should be nestled. Add the 'Text' that contains what you want checked/completed, (ex., “Clean apparatus bay and rooms.”)

*See previous Tip for more information on Setting Up Checklists



2. In the Menu Options Bar-->Maintenance-->Checklists-->Checklist Template, name the checklist 'Hall Maintenance.' Assign it to the Daily Log by flagging it in ‘Template Types’” This will link the checklist to the module where it will be used. Add the Items to the list ‘Template Questions.’  Set the default questions and answers, and provide any additional information you want added to the checklist in the text boxes available. Save the Template.



3. Open Scheduler module and in the ‘Schedules’ tab window add a new record to the list.  Select “Daily Log” from the ‘Types’ drop-list. Name the item and assign it a schedule. Enter a start date (and end date, if it is known.) Use the ‘Types’ editable list to name (Hall Maintenance) and order the daily log item. Repeat this for the Subtype (Daily Checklist.)  Add the Station and any additional notes. Save the record.


4. Open the Daily Log module and search for “All Daily Log Types” using the drop-list to select the name of the Type (‘Hall Maintenance) and Subtype (‘Daily Checklist’) that were named in the Scheduler.  Enter a date that includes the active dates for this record. Flag the “Show Scheduled Items” checkbox.

Open the record that you wish to work on and complete any missing information in the first half of the window (note that you can assign a station, Officer in Charge, and even create Reminders here.) Select save.

Now you will be able to attach the Checklist to this record. Open the checklist tab and add the checklist.  Selecting the Template Name will populate the checklist with the Items (which can be answered by radio button below.)