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Creating a Training Database

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A training database allows users to practice using FirePro freely since training databases are completely separate from your main FirePro system.


When creating a training database, FP2 makes a copy of your main database complete with all of your incident records, training records, properties etc as well as user accounts and passwords. This way users are able to log into the training database and use it exactly the way they would normally use FP2 without any danger of affecting any of the data on the main.


Please note: if you use a remote desktop connection to access FP2 you may require assistance setting up a training database. Contact Firepro for help.


To create a training database first you must make a backup of your main database.

Go to File->Data Utilities->Backup Now


training database 1


Choose a location to save your backup to. Make note of the location, as you’ll need to use this file in the next step.


Go to File->Data Utilities->Create Training database and browse to the location of your saved backup (backups will be named beginning with “firepro” as well as the date and end with the file extension “.backup”
eg. firepro_46_MAR1318_1536.backup).


Select the backup and click Open


training database 2


After a few minutes the training database will be ready to use.


Close and open FP2. At the login window click on the “Database” droplist and select “training”

training database 3


The training database is an exact copy of your main database, so you’ll log in the same way using your user account and password as you would in your main FirePro database.


Now that you’ve logged in, you can practice and experiment with FP2 in a safe environment!


You’ll see this message pop up periodically:

training database 4


This is to remind you that you’re in the training database so you don’t accidentally enter any important info meant for the main FP2 database here.
Remember, the training database is for practice only!


Have fun practicing!