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Consumable Inventory

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Purchasing the FP2 Consumable Inventory module allows departments to identify certain inventory items as Consumable.  Linking an Inventory item as Consumable allows you to track usage and automatically update your quantity on hand, generate a reminder when quantity hits a preset re-order number and produce a 'Consumables to Order' report.



Entering Inventory Item


Consumable Inventory is entered like any other inventory item through the Inventory Module.  Select the 'Add Record' icon from the Inventory List Window and enter the details for the inventory item.



Once you select the 'Linking Type' as Consumable, the Consumable Tab will appear on the Record Window.  The General sub-tab allows you to set reorder numbers, input pricing to be used in Invoices generated from the Incident Module (Invoicing Module required) and indicate who the usual supplier is.


Entering 'Quantity on Hand'


To set the original 'On Hand Amount' or to manually adjust this number, select 'Edit On Hand Amount' in theAction Button Toolbox Button. The quantity or 'On Hand Amount' is updated when a purchase is completed through the Purchased Sub-tab.





The Purchased Sub-tab keeps a record of all purchases of this inventory item.  A reminder is generated when the quantity or 'On Hand Amount' reaches the 'Reorder At' level.  Go to File --> Preferences --> Reminders and activate the 'Consumable Inventory' checkbox.  Opening the item in the Reminder List Window takes you to the Inventory Detail Window for the item.  You generate a 'Purchase Request' by selecting the "Add Record' button from the Purchased Sub-tab.


You can set the 'Update On-hand Amount when Purchase Request Received' (Set-Up --> Custom Settings --> Inventory and activate 'Update On-hand Amount when Purchase Request Received" checkbox) to automatically update 'On-hand Amount' when used in conjunction with the Purchase Request Module.


Tracking Usage


Usage is reported through the Incidents, Meeting/Training, Daily Log or Public Education modules.  Usage is displayed in the Consumed Sub-tab and information includes the source module, date, description and the quantity consumed.


In the following example, a quantity of 5 'medical gloves' were report as 'Inventory Used' in this incident report.




The 'Consumed' tab in the Inventory module reflects the usage of the consumable inventory in the above incident.  The description field includes the Incident Number and the address.



When used with the Invoicing Module, Consumable Inventory used during an incident is available through a drop down menu under  the 'Materials Tab' of the Invoicing Module to add to an Incident Invoice.  The quantity used is automatically entered from the Incident Module and the price is entered from the 'Inventory Price' in the Inventory Module.




You can print an 'Order Now Report' from the List Window using the printer icon ()  in the Action Bar which details all consumables which are at or below the reorder numbers.




An Inventory Information Report for individual inventory is available by selecting the printer icon () on the action bar in the Record Window.  Options for this report are "Include Description', 'Include Specifications', 'Include Consumption' and "Include Purchases'.  To print a detail report for all Consumable Inventory, select the printer icon in the List Window and choose 'Print Consumable Details'.






The Consumable Inventory Module is a valuable tool which ensures consumable inventory levels are accurate, advises when inventory is low and simplifies ordering.