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Completing and Submitting Assessment

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After logging, click the FireSmart Assessments button to bring you to the new submission page.


This page is where you start new FireSmart Assessments, search for complete/incomplete FireSmart Assessments, and edit any incomplete assessments on your device.


Note: Complete FireSmart assessments can be edited once pulled into FP2

Incomplete Assessments can be saved and edited at a later time in Webforms.

Enter the Primary Contact and property information about the FireSmart Assessment. This is where you add the email address of the contact. You’re able to directly email out of Webform.


Enter information the about the Structure and Site Hazards, using the blue "Next" button in the bottom right corner to move to the Area and Hazards section of the assessment.


The next page allows you to add additional remarks about the assessment. 

It also contains the submit button. You can only submit and send assessments that are 100% complete. Incomplete assessments can be saved and edited within Webform.


At the end of a complete assessment after you hit submit, you will have the option to send to the Property Contact email. 


When an Assessment is complete you will then be able to download the FireSmart PDF or email right from your device..


Note: The FireSmart Assessment from the Webform prints differently than the assessment printed from FP2.