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Common Mini-Tips!

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Personnel - Returning after Retirement (Overview of the Retired field and Time Off tab)

The Time Off option, found in Personnel Record-->Employment-->Time Off tab is well suited for bringing personnel back from Retirement.

The ‘Retired’ date is entered in the Personnel Record-->Employment-->General tab. Note this date, as it will be used in the Personnel record-->Employment-->‘Time Off’ tab as the ‘Start Date.’ The date that the personnel will be returning will be entered in the ‘End Date’ field.  The ‘Reason’ drop-list is an editable list that can be added to, to include Retirement. Clear the Retired Date field (General tab) to reactivate the member.  Note: when creating new 'reasons' if the reason typed is checked as...

Out of Service:  will flag this personnel member as out of service on reports.

Affects YoS: will deduct this time from Years of Service reports.* Select this option for Retirement.

Inactive: It will remove the choice from the list without deleting it.  The system will stop a user from deleting records in use.  The Inactive option greys the option out and moves it to the bottom of the list.


Invoices- SAVE the Invoice record to see final totals

If the invoice is not totaling in the expected manner after manual entry in the record’s tabs, try saving (green checkmark found at the top of the window) this updates all the amounts entered on the Invoice- General tab.


Report Set-Up- Margins, Logos, Headers

To customize how the department’s reports appear, go to File-->Report Header Set-Up. (Note that Inspection Report Header has it’s own sub-tab in this window, as it’s considered unique to the other Reports.)

To customize the Report Header information, go to Set-Up-->System Information.

Headers can be changed on a per-report basis using the ‘Change Header’ button on the Print Parameters window.

Margins can be changed for printed reports in File-->Preferences→ Report Preferences.


Removing Hung Users:

Occasionally the server will hang on to a logged in user after they log out.

To fix this we must go into the PGAdmin tool and manually remove them.  This requires having access to the server that holds the PostgreSQL database.

1.        On the computer running the PostgreSQL software- Open PGAdmin

2.        Click Tools -> Server Status: This will display a list of usernames and IP addresses.  If you can get the IP address of the computers that are working then you can safely remove the users that are not working.  This is the most effective way to remove hung users who are duplicates.

3.        Highlight the user to remove and click the "Terminate Back End" button on the toolbar at the top - it's the red button. The user has been removed and the license has been freed up.