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Checklist Set-Up and Access

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To create new checklists, we begin in Maintenance, by building the Master Checklist Categories, Master Checklist Sections and finally the Checklist items on the Checklist Master List . Once these are created, we can create a Checklist Template that we can print and use, and attach to records in FP2. We can also set how the checklist looks, and which modules will use it.

1.) Checklists are organized in a similar manner as Training Subjects, with Categories and Sub-categories (called Sections here). The life cycle of a checklist begins with it being assigned its own Category. Then it is further defined with the addition of Sections, which will be the section headers in the final checklist.  The last information we set is the Items, text entered here will be the information that requires checks, displayed in the checklist. These can be entered in Menu Options Bar, go to Maintenance-->Checklist-->...

checklist 1


2.) Once this information is entered it can be put together in a Checklist Template by adding a record and name, selecting the Template Type and setting the question/answer defaults.

3.) Accessing the Checklist: Print hard copies and filling out the checklist.


Section 1: Master List Set-Up

In the Menu Options Bars, go to Maintenance-->Checklists--> Master Checklist Categories

A category can be thought of as a checklist organizational title. Categories are helpful for systematically arranging and viewing the Sections and Items, which fall under it. For this example, I’ve created a category name and order for ENGINE1. Save.

checklist 2


Master Checklist Sections:

In the Menu Options Bars--> Maintenance--> Checklists--> Master Checklist Sections

The information entered in the ‘Full Text’ field will be the Section headers on the printed checklist. For ENGINE 1 the sections include: Mechanical, Cab, Left Body, Transverse Hose Bed, L-1, L-2, and Hydrant. They are list ordered in groups of ten, to allow additional sections to be added to the list at a later time. Marking a Section Inactive will stop the selected section from appearing on the checklist. Save.

checklist 3


Master Checklist Items:

In the Menu Options Bars--> Maintenance--> Checklists--> Checklist Master List

Click the ‘add record button’ to the right of the window to add new items under the Section they belong to. The ‘Text’ box is to enter the information that will be checked in the checklist, it is in this field that you set the questions, and under that, the answer options that will be used. Each Section can have custom answers, as Items are set one-by one. However, it's important to be consistent with keeping similar answers in the same field. Save.

checklist 4


Section 2: Checklist Templates:

Menu Options Bars--> Maintenance--> Checklists--> Checklist Templates

A template sets the structure of the printed checklist that will be filled out. This is where we put our category, sections and items together in a useable template and assign it to the module(s) that will use it.

Select a Template Type from the drop-list. Selecting ‘Template Types’ allows this checklist to be attached to the Modules that are flagged. This ultimately means that we’ll be able to access this checklist in every module that has been checked. One template can be used by different modules. In this example ENGINE 1 has the Template Type of Inventory, but, it could also be in Daily Log, Apparatus Post-Trip, etc.

‘Add Record’ to the Checklist Template and enter the Template Name. Here, Engine 1 Truck Check.

Select the questions with the add record button in the ‘Template Questions’ list, which will open the Master Items list (organized by drop-lists of category, section and text .) Choose the items/text  to add and select ‘Add to List.’ Continue until the all items you wish to include are in this Questions list.

The ‘Answer Title’ is an editable list that can be compiled with appropriate titles for this field ( ex., a Training Checklist default answer may be best summarized with “demonstrate”,  “perform” or “check.”) Also, choose the ‘Default Answer Options.’ As mentioned in the above section, Answers need to be consistent. Answer 1, Answer 2, and Answer 3 should all have a consistent format. In this checklist, Answer 3 is "Yes"  so, the Default Answer option is 'Options 3.' Note that selecting <None> will require the person filling out the checklist to enter an answer in each checklist item manually.

The ‘Print Options Above Checklist’ allows the text entered here to be displayed above this checklist. The ‘Below Checklist’ is another optional text field that if entered will  be displayed below the checklist. The Signature Text allows a title to be given under the signature line (ex., Training Officer or Truck Officer.)

checklist 5


Section 3:

Accessing Checklists:

When we flagged “Template Types” in Checklist Templates, we joined the checklist to the modules that will use it. For ENGINE 1, it will be in the Inventory Module . To print this, we need to go to the module(s) that are set to use the checklist and in the record window select the print icon. Choose ‘Print Blank Checklist.” A drop-list will display the checklists that have been created for the module.

checklist 6

To enter the answers/results of a checklist, once again in the module(s) that were selected as Template Types’ record window, there is tab called ‘Checklists'. Click the ‘Add Record’ button to complete a checklist. Select the checklist name from the top drop-list. The name of the Officer is the person that is completing the checklist. Select a line from the record list and an answer below. Continue down the list. You may choose to leave a comment for an item, or a note that refers to the whole checklist. Save Changes.

checklist 7


You can control access to Checklist records in the Menu Options bar-->Set-Up--> Custom Settings-->  Other--> Checklist , by checking ‘Control Access to Checklist Records.’ By doing this, only those with Officer Status will be able to edit or close the checklists.

If you are having some difficulties wrapping your head around the set-up, or if you would benefit from a visual guide- I’d like to recommend an excellent Checklist tutorial video that Jeremy made, it can be found at: Checklist Tutorial Video.