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Certificate Reminders

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The certificate module does more than document the courses taken by personnel; it will also generate reminders for re-certification periods.

Reminders for Certificates are created in the Certificate Set-up window. This window can be accessed from Maintenance-->Certificates.

Or, in the Certificate Record window, under the ‘Certificate’ title with the ellipses button "...".

Either option will open the Certificate Set-up window, where the certificate can be assigned attributes, and from that information reminders will automatically be generated.

In the above example, the CPR certificate is valid for 12 months (entered in the Re-certification field.) The Notice set for this reminder is 1 month in advance of the expiry. There have been no group(s) selected, making this certificate mandatory for all personnel (instead of a group.) The mandatory flag will send a reminder to all personnel without the certificate and notify them that this certificate has been deemed mandatory.

Reminders for the CPR certificate will now automatically generate for personnel in the Reminders module. Searching by ‘Certificate’ Reminder type in the Reminder List window, will generate a list of all (active, in this case) Certificate reminders. You may also use the Certificate drop-list to further narrow the reminder list to results for one certificate only.

If there are no Certificates being shown in the Reminder List window, it could be that there are no certificate reminders. It's also a possibility that Certificates hasn't been flagged to be included in the Reminder module. To check your user Reminder Preferences, go to Menu Options Bar-->File--> Preferences. Selected reminder Types here will be displayed for this user in the Reminders Module.  Ensure that ‘Certificates’ has been checked. Certificates will now become a search parameter in the Reminder module.

Reminders will be automatically cleared after a certificate has been renewed.


*If you would like reminders to be emailed to the appropriate personnel, please refer to the past Tip on sending Automated ‘Email Reminders’