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BIS Date

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Incident Reporting - B.I.S Date

The Back in Service (BIS) date is a time field, located in Incidents-->Times tab, and is used to document incidents that last over 24 hours. It’s fairly rare that an incident does exceed 24 hours, but they do happen and that is what this field is designed for. However, the default when entering in Incident Times is to leave the BIS date blank. It is incredibly important that a BIS date isn’t entered for any Incident that is under 24 hours. Improperly entering a date into this field will affect the total time of the Incident, and thus affect the station’s statistical reporting, submissions to the Fire Commissioner, and potentially throw off firefighter times and payroll (although this will depend on the order that the data was entered into the Incident record.)

Finding and Fixing Improperly Entered BIS Dates

In the Incident List window, use the Date/Time search parameters in conjunction with ‘Total Time.’ We recommend an initial search for ‘Last 12 Months’ and a Total Time ‘Greater than 1440 minutes.’ Search.

If there are Incidents showing in this list, open up the Incident report and give a cursory glance to the Remarks text in the General tab- if it was a minor car accident, or a medical assist, chances are this incident shouldn’t have exceeded 24 hours (1440 minutes.) Now, check the Times tab. Was the Incident actually over 24 hours? No? Has a BIS date been entered? Yes?

Clear the BIS date, and save the report.

This is an incredibly common data entry error in Firepro 2.  However, there is a custom setting we can use to help catch this common error when we are creating the Incident.

Setting to Validate Incident Report Total Times

Go to Set-Up-->Custom Settings-->Incidents-->Validation

Flag ‘Warn for total time greater than ___ minutes’

If the average total time for incidents in your department is less than four hours, you can enter 240 minutes. Save.

What this will do is creating a warning prompt that will appear when an Incident’s total time is being entered as greater than the time entered. This will help prevent mis-entry of data entered for Incident times.


Remember, if the Incident lasted less than 24 hours:     Do NOT enter a BIS Date.