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Automating Dispatch

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Automating Dispatch


The FP2 Dispatch system is designed to be an easy-to-use mid-weight CAD solution.  It has many of the features of more expensive CAD software, but is focused primarily on Fire Dispatch.


In order to minimize the amount of time Dispatchers spend doing administrative tasks we have built a number of automated systems into the FP2 CAD, which activate a specific points during the call.


Email and Text Messaging


The automated systems primarily use the internal FP2 Email system, which has now been expanded to include text messaging.  Generally speaking, all these features require that correspondence information has been set up for each Firefighter on the Personal-->Address tab of the FF record.



Once Correspondence information for personnel is set up, you also need to create Email Templates in the Email-->Template tab.  The templates will be used in the automated task setup to determine who receives the reports or updates.


Digital Rip and Run


The digital Rip and Run is generated by FP2 CAD automatically as soon as a station is added to an incident.


The Digital Rip and Run is designed to be a text message, but could be sent as an email, if required.


If a station has a Digital Rip and Run template set up in the Setup-->Station Names-->Dispatch Tab, then FP2 will send 1 or more text messages (or emails) to each recipient on the selected Template.

The Digital Rip and Run information includes:

Incident Time
Incident Address
Dispatch Response Type


And optionally:

Responding Station/Departments (if there are more than one)
Special Alert (if the address has a pre-plan)
Link to a Google Maps route (if the Station/Department has an address entered)


Auto Transfer


The Auto Transfer functions occur when the Dispatch record is closed.


They are set up in the Auto Transfer section of the Setup->Station Names->Dispatch Tab, and each Station can have up to two Auto Transfer functions.


FTP Transfer is used for Dispatch centers that transfer incidents electronically to other FP2-using departments.  Generally, this setting will be set up by Ingenious Software when configuring your CAD system.


Print will automatically open the Print option to print a hard-copy of the Dispatch record when the Dispatch record is closed.


Email will automatically email a PDF copy of the Dispatch record to whatever Email Template is designated for the Station on the Setup->Station Names->Dispatch Tab.