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Audit Reporting

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The Audit module is used to document any changes made to Firepro records. It’s designed to ensure the integrity of information entered in your Firepro database by monitoring which personnel are making changes to records and providing an easy way to view these changes.


To use the Audit module, ensure that your version of Postgres (database manager found here- ) version is up to date to 9.6.  If you’d like to update from an earlier version, please get in touch with us by email at or phone 1-866-352-9495, and we’ll arrange a time to do so.


For Departments with the Audit module, it is automatically available for the Admin/Fire Chief user; if other Users require access, it will need to be granted to the User in Set-Up->User Options (Passwords.) Audit permissions are granted on a per module basis.




There are several places that you can access Audit data. The Audit Module button from the home page is the first place to go.  You can search for changes by Date, User, Module and Record Number.




If you want to see detailed breakdowns of the changes made, use the printed report on the side of the Audit List window.



Audit reports can also be generated from the Audit tab, in the Record that has been changed. The Audit tab has a record list of the changes made to the record:  Audit action ( Insert, Update, etc),  the date of the change, and the user that made the changes.



Selecting an Audit Record from the record list and clicking the printer icon gives two report options: ‘View Details’ which provides the data of the record itself, with changes shown in red.



List Changes’ provides a list exclusively of the changes made to the record by recording what was changed, and what it was changed from. This report is in the same format as the ‘Audit History’ report, available from the Audit module’s List Window.